it's a long way journey, indeed.

8:30 am

Salam and hai.
It’s been a while. So yeah, nothing much. Dah lama nak tulis, for at least untuk diri sendiri baca in the future about things that happen this last two months.

Do you remember, that day when everybody is so furious about their UPU’s result? You said you wouldn’t bother to even checking your result. You are too sure that you will not get any positive result from the UPU. You said you wouldn’t bother, but your hand unintentionally sends a message to 15888 at 12 p.m.

UPU RESULT 94****-**-****
Message sent.

Waited for a while and guessing the message will be like “dukacita anda tidak berjaya….” Just like what you get back in 2012. And there comes the message, a different message came in. It wrote “ tahniah anda berjaya ditawarkan program YB06 di UIAM…” You were speechless while read that message. Hard to believe you say. It’s UIAM, your dream university. Rushing to search what is the course’s name everywhere in the internet while whatsapp-ing your friend telling her you don’t expect this blablabla till the end. And then it says ;

You don’t even apply for this course, but you get it. Asking everyone whether you can change your course if you enter UIAM, how to do it, what are the conditions and so on.  Slightly happy when they say you can change your course, if and only if you survive first semester with good result with the course you got.

And yeah, great things don’t last longer than that. You know why this happened. And here you are, writing a blog post in the morning, at home. Not in a university’s hostel.

It takes a while for you to accept things, you cry every time people asking you about bachelor degree, you feel down every time people mentioning UPU, you feel angry when people said 

“ruginya tolak. UIA kot”
"kenapa tolak” and the questions go on.


Just like what Ainum told me (roughly), “Allah bagi kurang dah sedih tu bila bagi course bukan pilihan, kalau dapat Tamadun, lepas tu tak dapat pegi, mesti lagi selok nangeh.” And I will always believe, Allah’s plan is always better. There will be hikmah after all. Just wait and see it soon. Insya-Allah.

For those who get to continue your bachelor degree this soon, study hard and study smart. Find new knowledge that you can get at the new place, gain new experience, be friend with strangers and always be positive in everything you do. Don’t ever feel like giving up. Whenever you feel like you want to stop studying, remember, there are many of your friends that want to study but they can’t, at the moment. One of them is here :) Even there will be terrible or great things that might happen in the future to you, fighting!


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  1. akan ku pegang kata-kata ini sebagai refleksi dalam perjalanan ini. untuk aku yang tidak halus dalam penulisan, tulisan ini cukup mendalam rasanya. semoga dalam apa keadaanpun kita tidak hilang asa mendapatkan redha yang atas sana.