21 August 2017

Help, and pray for me

Siapa ada cara untuk handle semua benda smoothly? Boleh buat semua dengan betul? Boleh settlekan semua benda dalam masa yang singkat? Siapa tahu caranya?


Maybe it is a wrong thing to proceed with the program in such short time.
Maybe it is wrong to even plan a program.
Maybe it is wrong from the beginning.
Maybe it is my fault.
My fault.

Too many things.
Too many things to think and do.
Too little time we have to set it up and all.
Too carelessly we did the plan and preparations.
Though we have the plan and strategies, we still fail to manage it all.

Maybe we have to cancel the plan because there’s too little care that being put in it?
I can’t even think properly right now. I’m done.

Oh Allah. Make me stronger.

(another version of me wrote this later)

Do you really want to give up just because of this? Do you even think about others? What they did to spread amar ma'ruf nahi mungkar? And you even went crazy over this tiny little things that everyone must have going through, at least once in their life.

Wake up. And grow a stronger heart

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